About Us

Harless Precision - Colorado Springs Gunsmithing Shop
Harless Precision’s gunsmiths have won a variety of awards.

Harless Precision is a gunsmithing shop in Colorado Springs, Colorado, owned and operated by father-son trio Shane Sr., Shane Jr., and Josh Harless. Harless Precision’s mission is to provide quality, award-winning gunsmithing services to competitive shooters and outdoor enthusiasts alike.

The Harlesses are National Shooting Champions, with a variety of awards and records under their belts. See their awards and qualifications below.

Whether it’s a small repair, a custom build, or a professional restoration, we want to be your go-to shop. Let us help you build your confidence and shooting abilities with our trusted gunsmithing work!

Shane Harless Jr.

Gunsmithing Credentials

  • Certified at Anschutz in Germany
  • Worked on Olympic National Team Firearms
  • Gunsmith at the Only Purdey and Sons Certified Repair Center
  • Built Women’s Record-Setting F-Class Gun
  • Graduated Trinidad State Junior College 2003
  • Factory Trained at Walther and Feinwerkbau

Awards and Records

  • 4 National Records
  • 1 National Championship
  • 1 Silver and 1 Gold in World Championship
  • Distinguished Rifleman Badge
  • President’s 100 Badge
  • Coached National Championship Team in 2004
  • NRA High Master – High Power
  • NRA High Master – Long Range

Shane Harless Sr.

Gunsmithing Credentials

  • Iraq Veteran
  • Desert Storm Veteran
  • Small Arms Instructor School
  • Small Arms Repair School
  • Held Secret Security Clearance

Awards and Records

  • Member All Guard Rifle Team – 9 Years
  • President’s 100 Badge
  • U.S. Army Distinguished
  • Romanian Cup National Champion
  • Numerous State Championships
  • NRA High Master – High Power
  • NRA Long Range Master – Service Rifle

Josh Harless

Gunsmithing Credentials

  • AAS Gunsmithing Degree – Trinidad State Junior College
  • Certified at Anschutz in Germany
  • Factory Trained at Walther and Feinwerkbau
  • Small Arms Lead for Government Contract – 9mm up to Towed Howizter
  • Developed Own 3-Position High Powered Rifle Cartridge – 200-16x at 600 yards
  • Serviced Olympic Smallbore and Precision Air Rifles

Awards and Records

  • 3 National Records
  • 3 National Championships
  • Multiple State and Regional Championships
  • Palma 20 (3 Times)
  • Distinguished Rifle Badge
  • U.S. National Rifle Team – South Africa
  • 4 World Championship Medals
  • NRA High Master – High Power
  • NRA High Master – Long Range
  • NRA Master – Fullbore